self catering holiday cottage accommodation, Wroxham, Norfolk Broads
Wherry, 25 Peninsula Cottages, Wroxham, Norfolk, Norfolk Broads

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© These maps are the copyright of Wroxham Holidays and may not be reproduced without permission.  They are diagrammatic only and not exactly to scale. Tidal stretches shown are approximate as there are no locks, so water changes gradually from non-tidal fresh water to tidal sea-water.

Click on the map to see full size detailed map of the Norfolk Broads. As there are no locks on the Broads the water changes gradually from tidal salt water (sea fishing) through brackish to non-tidal fresh water (coarse fishing).  The map shows clearly the navigable stretches, and where it is tidal.  Tidal water is important to boating as it affects speed, and fuel use, depending on whether you are with or against the tide.  Tidal water needs longer mooring ropes to allow for the rise and fall.  See our boating tips page for more detailed tips and rules of the river! Only smaller craft can pass under Wroxham and Potter Heigham bridges, so it is quieter upstream of these. The division between North and South Broads also marks the limit of navigation to the sea.

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River map of the Norfolk Broads

River map of the Norfolk Broads

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river map of the Norfolk Broads