Frequently asked questions, FAQ, Wherry, 25 Peninsula Cottages, Wroxham

For more specific information about your holiday, the cottage, boating or fishing please look at the sections below.

Booking my holiday

How do I check price / availability or make a booking?

The best way to check prices and availability, is to look on our availability page. (Click here). Then, to make an enquiry or to book go to the form on our Contact Us page (click here), or simply phone 01223 244639 where you can chat with the owner of the cottage, and make your booking direct.  Once you have made your initial enquiry you will be able to book direct or online.  Reservations lapse after 7 days unless Initial payment received

Although some of the Peninsula Cottages are available by booking agents this one, No: 25 (Wherry) can only be booked  via the owners  or via  on TripAdvisor. (this will be slightly dearer.  Booking direct with the owner is by cheque, bank transfer,or PayPal (including credit debit cards). We do advertise this cottage on some other web sites that link to our own.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, a 20% booking deposit is payable upon booking.

Are there any other charges?

The Cottage

What are the arrival and departure arrangements?

When you enter the Peninsula Cottage marina drive around past the boat crane to the secure barrier where you can park temporarily while you collect your key and a special key fob button that operates the barrier gate,  which increases your security and prevents other unauthorised parking.  Access to the cottage is from 4 pm on day of arrival.  However, if you arrive sooner, don’t worry.  This is a good opportunity to take your first exploratory walk around the tour-boat basin and across the bridge into town (a 5-10 minute walk).   Your booking confirmation tells you the key-safe combination code.  You can arrive in your own time and walk through to your cottage and pick up your cottage and barrier key to let yourselves in.  Simple!

Departure is officially by 9am, but could be later by arrangement in advance.

What are the parking arrangements?

Parking is available for one vehicle as part of your booking, and you can park anywhere in the secure marina car park area beyond the barrier, usually just a few metres from the cottage.  Please try to park between the white markers. Additional vehicles will need to purchase a temporary parking ticket for the duration of your stay.  (£2 from Reception).  Parking permits should be displayed at all times in the marina.

Is the cottage suitable for the disabled?

The owners would recommend caution for the disabled.  The  walkway from car park to front door, and covered terrace are raised up by two steps for flood defence making wheel-chair access difficult but not impossible, and the upper floor (bedrooms and bathroom) can only be reached by  stairs.

Are there any restrictions?

The owners welcome families* and fishing parties.   Please keep any wet / muddy, fishing / boating gear in the entrance hall area which has been kept basic for the purpose.   Smoking is not permitted inside the cottage.  Dogs should not be allowed upstairs, on on furniture.

* We recognise all discrimination laws.

Boating  Much more about boating can be found on our Boating Tips page.

Tell me about the moorings

If you decide to hire a day / picnic boat for the day or your whole stay, the cottage enjoys the benefit of a mooring (small additional charge - enquire from booking agent) so you can just step out of the house and onto your boat.

Where can I hire a boat?

Boats can be hired from any of the boatyards in Wroxham.  The nearest  are at the foot of the bridge, before you cross into the village, about a 5-minute walk from your cottage, and can be seen from the cottages gardens. They offer both day-boats and day-cruisers.  Look on our Boating Tips page to find more details.

What is the difference between a day boat and picnic boat?

A day boat usually has a flat level floor with seating for about 4 in the forward part with front steering  and sliding side windows, and back and side bench seating in the aft open-sided part.  A soft top can be fully open along the whole boat, or pulled closed over part or all.

A picnic boat or day cruiser is a little larger but has less open room as it sometimes has a small front cabin with sink and simple cooking facility and a flush toilet.  Steering is in a raised up open middle position with seating and a cover which can be swung over the open part, or may be at the front as with a day boat.

Day boats can be easier to move around inside, but are low and flat, picnic boats have much better facilities for all day use or e.g. Overnight fishing trips, where toilets and ability to make hot snacks is useful.

I have never driven a boat before.  How do I learn?

Driving a day boat is easy.   All boatyards will give you basic instruction, and offer you the chance of  a short  try out with an expert who will make sure there is nothing wrong with the boat, and that you are happy with the controls.  They will offer you life jackets for the number and age of occupants, and you should accept these even if you decide not to where them all the time.  They will also check you understand the basic rules.  One of the main things that shows the novice from the veteran is whether you try to drive like a car.  Everything is slower, including steering.  A slight turn of the steering wheel will have an effect, but give it time to react.  Avoid large movements that mean you have to over compensate by turning the other way.  This just leads to zig-zag progress.  Also come into your mooring slowly; it takes time for a boat to stop.

Can anyone drive a boat?

Unlike roads, you do not have to take a test or have a licence to captain or drive a boat.. One of the great pleasures of family boating is that you can let your children have-a-go, so long as someone responsible (an adult) is supervising.  There is no minimum age. This makes what could be a boring journey something magical for the young teenager who may be in control for the first time since cutting the lawn.

Are there Rules-of-the-Road (river)?

Yes!  But they are easy to understand and master.  And remember everything is slower than a car!

Here is a list of the basics:

A)  Speed limits.  Speed limits range between 4-7 mph, and most hire boats have speed limiters on them.  There are river side signs similar to on the roads to advise you of limits.

B) The general rule-of-the-road is drive on the right, the opposite of cars in the UK, but it is not quite as simple as that.  On the roads you generally drive near the kerb, but if boats drive too near the banks their wash (the wake behind the boat) erodes the bank and damages the wildlife habitat.  Therefore, in rivers that are large enough to allow it, the general rule is to maintain the centre of the river until approaching an on-coming boat, and both should veer slightly to their right to allow close, but safe,  passing. This is an easy way to tell a beginner from an experienced captain!

C) Some of the shallower broads have deeper channels for navigation and these are marked with black and red posts.  Navigate between the posts.

D) Hire craft do not have navigation lights, so should not be moved in the dark.

Where can I moor?

You can moor almost anywhere.  Mooring is allowed, and free, along any countryside banks unless signs forbid it, for safety or commercial reasons.  Some pubs / restaurants allow limited or overnight mooring for patrons and may charge a fee - so check local notices.  Most private properties have clear notices.  You can also moor, by mud anchor in open broads, away from any bank and this is always free.

Do I have to buy fuel and where/how do I get it?

For almost all day / picnic boat trips you will have enough fuel on board for your excursion(s).  You may be asked to pay a deposit for diesel, and you always start with a full tank.  Don’t worry, when you get back they measure what’s left and you get a refund!   However, for longer weekly booking you may have to buy additional fuel.  This can be obtained by calling in at most boatyards even if not belonging to your hirer, or from many of the public staithes.  Don’t worry if you buy too much fuel as your boat company will measure what is in your tank at the end of your trip and will reimburse any over purchase.

How far can I go?

You can go as far as you like!  The boat companies give you no limits. You have to remember that you are restricted on time and fuel.  If you have taken the boat for a limited time you should return within that time or expect a surcharge for staying out longer.  However  they only charge you for the fuel you use (see previous question).  If you have hired the boat for an extended time you may need to buy fuel, but you will be reimbursed for any extra fuel when you come back to your base.  In a day trip you could reasonably  expect to get to Wroxham Broad and Horning

Are there river police like on the roads?

Yes!  The Broads Authority has river patrols with fast launches and blue lights.  You must obey their instructions, but unlike the police you will find that they see their job mainly as helping and advising holiday makers and helping to keep them safe.


I am new to fishing: what do I need?

You need a National Rod Licence, which can be obtained from any Post Office.  In Wroxham this is inside Londis shop in the precinct.  Obviously you need at least a fishing rod, reel, floats, hooks, weights, and bait..  All of these can be found at the tackle shop at the start of the bridge. (You can see it from the cottage!)

Can I fish anywhere?

You can fish anywhere on the Peninsula marina estate, and also from the 100 metres of river frontage outside of the cottages.  Elsewhere you can fish from any bank that is not signposted as private, dangerous,  limited to patrons of pubs, or charged by Broadlands Authority

can I fish any time?

The rivers and broads are subject to the national fishing conditions of a closed season from 15 March -15 June (inclusive).  You can fish at all other times, and a National Rod licence allows up to 2 rods.  You should not fish from a moving boat.

I thought that Peninsular Property Services Ltd took the bookings for this cottage?

Peninsular Property Services Ltd (PPS) has now become Peninsular Holiday Cottages (PHC) and neither company now books or manages Wherry Cottage (No:25).  Bookings are direct with the owner, and the cottage is cleaned and managed by the Norfolk Cleaning Group, who provide a 24/7 emergency phone number for any serious issues with your cottage during your stay.

I have seen the Peninsula Cottages advertised on other web sites,  Can I book through them?

Do you offer cancellation  insurance?

No.  Due to a change in regulations we cannot offer personal, travel, or cancellation insurance, but we strongly recommend that you take out such insurance from a reputable insurance company. This should be suitable for UK self catering holidays arranged independently of a travel agent and should include cancellation protection cover to safeguard you against loss of the cost of your holiday in the event of unexpected cancellation.  Optional cancellation insurance is available from Insure & Go


Absolutely not!  Our 2015 bookings now include electricity as standard, and we also now supply two towels per guest.  We only charge a Security Deposit for higher risk books such as all young, same sex bookings of 4 etc.  Dogs are charged at £30 per stay (max 2), and there are optional extras available eg high chairs, cots etc upon arrival