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Wherry, 25 Peninsula Cottages, Wroxham, Norfolk, Norfolk Broads

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The Norfolk Broads consist of a 120 mile network of rivers across Norfolk and part of Suffolk, based on two main rivers, the Bure (North Broads), and the Yare (South Broads).  These two halves of the Broads meet at Breydon Water at the back of Great Yarmouth. The river then goes out to sea through Yarmouth Harbour between Great Yarmouth and Gorleston.  There are no locks on the whole of this water way, making it ideal for river cruising.  This also means there is no separation between sea and fresh water, and the lower stretches of both Broads is tidal and therefore consists of brackish water.  This is important for anglers as obviously it affects the species of fish in different areas. This also means that the river level in the lower 10 miles or so tends to rise and fall with the tide.  This is important when mooring boats, as spare rope needs to be left.

The South Broads is mainly a single river, the Yare, flowing from Norwich to Gt Yarmouth, passing through Breydon Water at Burgh Castle, a Roman settlement. There are also some minor rivers, and Oulton Broad.  Only a major boating holiday would allow the traveller to cover both the North and South broads so often a choice has to be made when selecting a holiday area.

The North Broads has a much greater range of Broads and rivers, with the river Ant and Thurne, and the Broads of Wroxham, Salhouse, Malthouse, South Walsham, Barton, Sutton and Hickling.  This whole area provides a much more diverse “Swallows and Amazons” feel and has become the favoured area for most holiday makers.  There are the really beautiful natural places to visit, such as the “beach” in Salhouse Broad, The famous windmill at Thurne Dyke, the subject of chocolate boxes and jig-saws, and of course the old abbey, St Benet’s, where all the rivers seem to meet.  As more holiday makers want to start their boating holidays  in this area, this has lead to the development of many boatyard and hire craft companies. The bridges at Potter Heigham and Wroxham, have limited headroom, and so this is the Head of Navigation for the larger holiday craft.This in turn has caused the picturesque villages of Potter Heigham, Horning and Wroxham to develop, with the associated number of riverside pubs, restaurants, moorings and shops.  Of course day boats / picnic boats can easily get under both bridges giving holiday makers at the Peninsula a unique opportunity to explore the quieter Amazon-like stretch from Wroxham bridge to Coltishall, about a 2 hour cruise through mainly forest areas.

Of course the Peninsula Cottages are ideally located to explore this area!

map of the North and South Norfolk and Suffolk Broads.
St Benet's Abbey on the Norfolk Broads
A windmill beside a river on Norfolk Broads
Boats in Thurne Dyke on the Norfolk Broads
young man fishing on river at dusk
A wherry sailing on Norfolk Broads river

Norfolk Broads

South Broads

• Norwich

• River Yare

• Oulton Broad

• Breydon Water

• Burgh Castle

North Broads

• Wroxham

• Salhouse

• Malthouse

• South Walsham

• Barton

• Sutton

• Hickling

• River Bure

• River Ant

• River Thurne

• Thurne Dyke

• Horning

• Potter


Description of Norfolk Broads
outline map of Norfolk Broads